About Eric

I am a YA author and screenwriter who arrived at this line of work through a circuitous path.  I received my BA degree in English and JD degree in law from Indiana University more than thirty years ago . Eric Linne YA Author

After years of work in the community health field, I became a full time stay-at-home father for my two sons after my wife Pam  and I moved to  Amsterdam for Pam’s job. 

After a subsequent move to Charlotte NC,  I embarked on a new field of study  and received a master’s degree in English from The University of North Carolina, Charlotte. To fulfill my master’s thesis, I wrote the YA novel Reversal. 

This novel, Reversal, was inspired by my long-standing love for the sport of high school wrestling, coupled with the fact that my son wrestled two separate matches against girl opponents one season.  My novel is set in a small farming community in central Indiana, not unlike communities near where I grew up. 

For more about me and the impact a book about a teen boy and bears have had on me and on this novel, click here.